Exosomes-based therapies : cell-free, safer, scale-up compatible.

Primary target : digestive fistula healing

Digestive fistula can be life-impairing for patients, and are linked to a variety of conditions or surgical procedures.

For complex cases, currently available therapeutic options for patients and clinicians are unsatisfactory. This can dramatically impact patient’s quality of life.

Our candidate EVOGEX-001 is the result of our first-in-class expertise in copolymer gels and exosomes, with the aim to significantly improve patient outcomes.

Exosomes : the next step in regenerative cell therapy

Exosomes are small vesicles produced by cells, from which they carry some very interesting properties. Stem-cells derived exosomes, in particular, are able to virtually replicate the regenerative properties of their parent cells.

Compared to stem cells, exosomes-based treatments offer simpler and more cost-efficient logistics, and greater ease of use for clinicians.

For patients, research has shown that exosomes have a more advantageous risk profile compared to stem cells : no donor rejection, no proliferation or differentiation risks.

The exosomes used in our treatments are produced with high-yield and scale-up compatible technologies. Compared to current-generation cell therapies, this allows for a 10x increase in production throughput in 10x less time.

Founders & Lead Scientists

Hadrien Lanvin, MSc

Founder & CEO

Amanda Silva Brun, PharmD, PhD

Founder, CNRS Researcher, Evora patent co-author

Prof. Gabriel Rahmi, MD, PhD

Founder, Gastroenterologist, Evora patent co-author

Scientific Board

Amanda Silva Brun
PharmD, PhD

Galenic pharmacy and exosomes expert. Multiple patents in the field of exosomes.

Prof. Gabriel Rahmi

Interventional endoscopy and digestive fistula expert.

Florence Gazeau

CNRS Silver Medal, nanoparticles and exosomes expert. Multiple patents in the field of exosomes.

Max Piffoux

Expert in therapeutics applications and high-yield exosomes production. Multiple patents in the field of exosomes.

Claire Wilhelm

CNRS Bronze Medal, exosomes and magnetic materials expert. Multple patents in the field of exosomes.


Vincent Mutel, PhD

Ex-Roche, 3x biotech entrepreneur

Jean-Hugues Trouvin

Regulatory expert, former head of french pharma regulator

Partners & Ecosystem