Novel immunomodulatory peptides in respiratory inflammation and beyond

Our lead programme focuses on pleiotropic upstream inhibition of TLR4-mediated inflammatory cascades, for over-the-board anti-inflammatory properties.

A receptor-specific, pleiotropic and pathway-agnostic drug holds significant potential in multiple inflammatory diseases, where TLR4 plays a pivotal role at the onset of the disease as well as in preventing its resolution.

We target indications where an immunomodulatory drug is preferred to steroid-based immunosuppressive approaches.

EVORA develops bioactive peptides competitively binding to intracellular domains of TLR4, thus preventing dimerization of the receptor which is required to trigger inflammatory cascades.

In-vitro data confirms the pleiotropic nature of our peptide’s action, as well as its ability to block both IFN-1 and NF-KB pathways.

In-vivo data in lung inflammation models in mice exhibits reduced secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines and upregulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

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Hadrien Lanvin, MSc, CEO

Anna Kostrzak, PhD, Head of R&D


Rémi Gloeckler, PhD

Hadrien Lanvin, MSc, CEO

Philippe Rousseau, MSc

Bruno Tocque, PhD

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